Research Focus is based on the long term friendship of its two principals, Helen Ruck and Amanda Wraith, which started during their grammar school days, resulting in them both “falling” into leadership research and resourcing after graduating in the mid 80’s. After going their separate ways they came back together again, under the Research Focus umbrella, in 2010. The values and strengths of such a long term friendship form the backbone and culture of the business, its services and how it partners with its clients.

Separately and together we have a proven track record in long term partnering with executive search practices to deliver quality leadership research and resourcing solutions to the progressively demanding leadership challenges faced by organisations across the spectrum of business, public sector and academia. We add value to our clients’ offering, providing a seamless interface, as a natural extension of their business.

We recognise the recruitment challenges employers face in attracting candidates with talent and the cultural alignment to their organisation. This is of particular importance in the current, ever changing economic climate. With the Client at the front end of the supply chain, we sit at the back supporting the "head hunter", who sits in the middle, to meet their Client's organisational challenges by sourcing the right candidate and delivering the innovative resourcing solutions they offer. From the rear of the supply chain we are the intellectual force needed to get from point A to point B i.e. from the organisational need to the successful senior executive, who in turn takes the business from its demands to the appropriate end goal.

Increasingly that chain adjusts and we work directly with the Client where appropriate.

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